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  • App Icon: Subbi –– The free subscriptions manager

    Subbi –– The free subscriptions manager

    Subbi is a side project that I’ve built to help me keep track of how much I spend on subscriptions and also to prevent the “accidental” bill after a 14-day trail ends. It helps you keep track of bills like Netflix, Spotify, Xbox Game Pass, Bus Card, Bank Cards, and many more.

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  • App Icon: AsciiFolders


    Generate ASCII directory trees from any folder on your machine, customize the way the tree looks, how deep it should go and whether or not to include hidden files.

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  • App Icon: React.js Documentation

    React.js Documentation

    With the release of the new React website on March 16, there was a need for localization to make the documentation accessible to Arabic-speaking developers. I contributed to translating several documentation, worked with other contributors, improved my ability to write better PR requests, and as a side effect, I also improved my knowledge of the Arabic grammar.

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  • App Icon: Storybook Documentation

    Storybook Documentation

    This was my very first OSS contribution, I contributed to translating the documentation of Storybook into Arabic, enabling a wider audience to access and understand the resources available. I gained valuable experience in working effectively with teams and navigating the pull request process.

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  • App Icon: Parrotxt


    Lorem Ipsum Is Not Professional, use Parrotxt to generate real text for your design. This was my first product I launched on Product Hunt.

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